QuickBooks Error UEXP While Verifying Your Account: Resolved

QuickBooks Error UEXP

QuickBooks users know the benefits of its Payroll Services, but they may experience various types of difficulties while downloading or updating Payroll. QuickBooks Error UEXP is a verification failure that comes up when the software is unable to verify the account status at the time of downloading updates. Apart from this, it is also absorbed that Error UEXP takes place while activating a retail payroll subscription for QuickBooks.

This bug declares that “Error UEXP: We are having difficulty verifying your account status” on your screen. People who are facing Error UEXP while updating QuickBooks Desktop Payroll need to read this well-arranged blog carefully to troubleshoot the problem with ease.

Important: If you are stuck at any place while resolving the QuickBooks Error UEXP, you can get in touch with us within a couple of seconds by dialing our QuickBooks Error Support number (800)-314-0226.

What can lead to QuickBooks Desktop Error UEXP?

Before knowing how to fix the QuickBooks Error UEXP, it’s crucial to understand why it appears on the user’s screen in the first place. A few reasons are listed below.

  • The QuickBooks Desktop version is no longer supported or outdated.
  • When the QuickBooks Desktop is up to date, but the E-File and E-Pay related to the company file are still on an older version, the error occurs.
  • The user has not activated the Payroll subscription in the data file.

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error=UEXP?

Though three primary reasons create the error, users can eliminate this “QuickBooks Error Code UEXP” by performing three different solutions.

Solution 1: Get the Latest QuickBooks Desktop Updates

Users should install Intuit updates because it can fix common issues and faults reported by QB users. If you haven’t enabled automatic updates, you may update manually by following the procedures outlined below.

  • Close the company files and QuickBooks program.
  • End the QB process from the Windows task manager.
  • By holding the CTRL key, double-click on the QB icon on the desktop.
  • Do not release the key until the No Company Open page comes up.
  • On the No Company Open window, go to the Help menu.
  • Select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, under the Options menu, select Mark All and save your changes.
  • To reset the Update, go to the Update Now tab and tick the box next to Reset Update.
  • Finally, choose to Get Updates and wait for the download to finish.
  • Close the No Company Open screen and relaunch QuickBooks Desktop when the updates have been downloaded.
  • Click Yes to the Install Updates.
  • Reboot your computer after ending the installation process.

Solution 2: Create a Backup of the Data File

Creating a backup of your company file before making any program file modifications can protect your important files from data damage or inadvertent destruction.

  • Select switch to single-user mode from the File menu.
  • Return to the File menu and choose the option to create a local backup.
  • After selecting Local Backup, click Next.
  • Select the location or disc where you wish to save your backup file by clicking Browse.
  • Set the number of backup files you want to generate.
  • To see if your backup file is in excellent form, click on Complete Verification.
  • Choose OK and save it right now, as well as schedule future backups.
  • After that, click on Next.
  • Mark the check bot that says- Save a backup copy automatically when I close the company file.
  • To make a schedule, click on New. (You need to choose a certain time or date)
  • After you’ve created a schedule, click OK.
  • Now, allow QuickBooks to conduct the scheduled backup by entering your Windows password.
  • To finish your backup, click Finish.

Solution 3: Replace the old e-File and e-pay Files

  • To Manage Service Key, go to the Employees area and click on My Payroll service.
  • The QuickBooks Service Keys page appears. Make sure the relevant payroll service is the highlight in this window.
  • From the Edit menu, select users that pay their staff through QuickBooks Desktop Direct Deposit. Click Next, then Finish.
  • Utilize Alt + 0 to disable the payroll service for people who don’t accept QuickBooks Desktop Direct Deposit.
  • Click on Yes to the following prompt messages. It will replace the outdated e-File and e-Pay systems.
  • Provide the new or the suitable service key. It may be the previous one.

This article describes the solutions for QuickBooks Error UEXP, as well as the reasons behind the error. If the problem persists, contact our QuickBooks Error Support team at (800)-314-0226. The expert team investigates the issues and finally assists you in downloading the payroll update and activating your retail payroll subscription.


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