QuickBooks Error C=184 | Easy Troubleshooting to Resolve It

QuickBooks Error C=184

QuickBooks Error C=184 displays up when the network file gets damaged, which is essential to running the QuickBooks application. If this issue doesn’t fix on time, the QuickBooks company file data may be affected. So, settle the Error C=184 before it becomes a reason for harming the software data. In this blog, we will discuss the possible causes and solutions for “Error C=184 when opening the company file.”

When you can’t open company file error c=184, the below-given error message will display:

“An error has occurred in QB. Please reboot QuickBooks and try again. If you still face this error, please note the C= value and reach out to technical support C=184”.

To get the immediate fixation of QuickBooks Error Code 184, you can dial our toll-free number +1(800) 314-0226 and speak about the difficulty with our QB experts.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error C 184

The following reasons can trigger QuickBooks Error C 184:

  1. When either ‘.ND’ (Network Data) file or ‘.TLG’ (Transaction Log) file is damaged, the error can occur.
  2. If the QuickBooks Desktop application reporting dates don’t match due to the leap year, the issue comes up.
  3. If QuickBooks Desktop is not well installed or unfinished installation of QB, error c 184 can pop=up.

Troubleshooting to Fix Error Code C=184 in QuickBooks

To Fix Error C=184 in QuickBooks with ease, we have provided various troubleshooting methods below. So, go through the instructions step-by-step:

Solution 1- Correct the Mismatched Reports

This failure usually happens in leap years as it has a day extra in Feb due to which report date extends the range users define. You have to change the data limit manually in your reports to eliminate “QuickBooks Error C=184“.

Solution 2: Assigning a new name to the ‘.ND’ and ‘.TLG’ files

If the error is causing due to wrong formatting of the ‘ND’ or ‘TLG’ files, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the location where the QB company file is present on your computer system.
  2. In that folder, search for the data files holding the ‘.ND’ and ‘.TLG’ extensions. You can easily find out such files as they end with ‘.ND’ and ‘.TLG’ of their names.
  3. Once you got them, right-click on those files to opt for the Rename option.
  4. To give a new name, add an extension.OLD at last of the filenames. (For instance: if the filename is ‘name.qbw.tlg’, rename it to name.qbw.tlg.OLD)
  5. After giving the new name to both files, open up QuickBooks on your desktop, then try to access your company file.
  6. These simple actions will automatically repair the damaged data files.
  7. Check if the same problem exists, go ahead with the next given solution.

Solution 3- Run Reboot.bat to fix QuickBooks Error C=184

Reboot the QuickBooks program that helps repair minor data damage. After that, run a reboot.bat file.

  1. Firstly, exit out the QB application.
  2. Then, right-click on the symbol of QuickBooks.
  3. With the drop-down list, click on the properties.
  4. Click on the Open file location section available at the left-bottom of the window.
  5. Here you’ll see the bat file, then run it.
  6. Now, click on the reboot.bat button and then the administrator.
  7. As an admin, running Reboot.bat is necessary.
  8. In case the CMD window prompts, the restart process of your machine is done.
  9. This procedure could fix the QB error code C=184. If the issue persists, consider the last but not the least method.

Solution 4- Move your company file to another location

You can try to change the path of your company file that can tackle the error message.

  1. Move to the path in your system where your company files data is stored.
  2. In this folder, right-click on your company file.
  3. Copy this file, and paste it to a different location.
  4. Access the company file from this new path.

Finally, wrapping up this article, we hope that you have successfully resolved QuickBooks Error C=184 with the help of the above troubleshooting methods. In some scenarios, you still may be encountering the same glitch, then we suggest you communicate with our QuickBooks Error Support expert at +1(800) 314-0226.


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