QuickBooks Error 61686| Learn How To Fix It

QuickBooks Error 61686

When you are installing QuickBooks Desktop for the first time or carrying out regular upgrades of your installed version of QuickBooks, you may experience QuickBooks Error 61686. This commonly generated error is seen because of a damaged Framework.xml file. The installation of QuickBooks requires the Microsoft .NET Framework. This step is because Microsoft .NET Framework is a necessary Windows component. This component enables your QuickBooks to swap information with online applications. There are several reasons that can damage the Framework.xml file, and we will try to establish the solutions to fix them here.

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Root Causes of QuickBooks Error 61686

Before learning the solutions that cause QuickBooks Error 61686, we must understand the causes. Several factors can generate this, and some of them are listed below –

  • Windows Installer-related documents get mistakenly deleted.
  • The Windows Installer Programming breaks down.
  • In case there is any misconfiguration in the Windows Registry. This issue can be because of a recent change in Windows Installer Programming.
  • When an infection occurs in the Windows Framework files. These System infections can be due to a virus or malware.
  • The user is working on an outdated version of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • The installation of Microsoft .NET Framework on Windows is incomplete.

Easy methods to solve QuickBooks Error code 61686

So when you are facing QuickBooks Error code 61686, you can consider the below-listed solutions to get rid of this issue:

Solution 1: Repair linked registry files

  1. Click on the Start
  2. You will view a Description Notification But do not press Enter because this will interrupt the process.
  3. So instead of this, press Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously.
  4. Then press
  5. You will now view a Discussion box on-screen.
  6. And click on the Yes option and then a black box will open up with an empty space.
  7. Type in Re-edit and then press the Enter
  8. Choose the relevant error key in the registry editor.
  9. Select the Export Here option after scrolling to the bottom of the File Menu.
  10. Save the list and then Select the Organizer
  11. This is where you need to move the Windows Installer File
  12. Select the file name in the on-screen box.
  13. Ensure that the Choose Branch option inside the Export Range box is selected.
  14. Press the Save option to save all made edits and then the record will now display a .reg document sign.
  15. The user will now possess a relative of the Windows Installer registry section.

Solution 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Installer Programs to rectify I have problems with EXEAdapter error.

Some users face queries such as I have problems with EXEAdapter error. They can be solved by carefully following the below-listed steps:

  1. Open up the Programs and Features
  2. This step is carried out by choosing the Start
  3. Click on the Control Panel This is seen on the right-hand side menu.
  4. Select the Programs
  5. Mark the Features and Programs
  6. Visit the name segment to find the error-related program.
  7. Choose the Windows Installer
  8. Click on the Uninstall Catch option in the Menu
  9. Finish the installation of the error-related program.

Solution 3: Make changes to the Framework.xml file for solving Installation error in QuickBooks Enterprise EXEAdapter

To fix the Installation error in QuickBooks Enterprise EXEAdapter, follow the below-listed steps if you use a downloaded QuickBooks Setup file:

  1. Click on the Start
  2. Type in %temp% in the on-screen Search Programs and Files
  3. From the top of the list, click on the Temp
  4. Double-click on the folder with the name of your current QuickBooks version.
  5. Open up the folder titled QBooks.
  6. Locate and Right-click on thexml file.
  7. Choose the Rename
  8. Type in .OLD as the file extension and then download the new xml file and transfer it to the QBooks folder.
  9. Retry installing QuickBooks once more.
  10. If you cannot begin the installation using theexe file, do not worry. Open the QBooks folder and then double-click on the QuickBooks.msi file.

Follow the below-listed steps if you use a CD for QuickBooks

  1. Make an Installer File copy on your desktop and Insert the QuickBooks CD.
  2. Initiate the disk.
  3. Find the folder with the name as your current QuickBooks version.
  4. So now you need to follow Steps 4-9 from the above solutions. This will you get the same answer.

Solution 4: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Running the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool will resolve Windows components issues. This tool will not only solve this issue but then will also eliminate other installation errors.

  1. Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the official Intuit Website.
  2. Download this file onto your desktop.
  3. Close all other running applications.
  4. Double-click on the QB Install Diagnostic file and carefully follow all instructions to begin the repairing process.
  5. So once this process concludes, restart your computer.

Solution 5: Download and Install Updates for Windows

  1. Click on the Windows + R keys simultaneously so as to start the Run Window.
  2. Type in Control Panel in the Run box and then hit Enter.
  3. Locate and click on Windows Update from the Control panel, or type Windows Update in the search box.
  4. Open up the Windows Update and click on the Check for Updates option.
  5. If Windows manages to find available updates, then download them and click on Install Now.
  6. After Windows finishes installing updates, restart the computer.
  7. Try installing the QuickBooks Desktop application once again.

Hopefully, the above solutions have helped in getting rid of the QuickBooks Error 61686. There is a possibility of the error still appearing on your screen. In this case, you should contact our QuickBooks Error Support team by dialing +1(800) 314-0226 and talking to our subject experts.


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