Know the steps to deal with QuickBooks search not working

QuickBooks search not working

QuickBooks search Function not working is an annoying situation in QuickBooks wherein you may not utilize the search option. Furthermore, upon its occurrence, it can also cause your QuickBooks application to hang.
The Search Bar in the QuickBooks application empowers users to explore files, transactions, customers, and several other things. When this search option stops operating in QuickBooks, it will be manually tougher to look for these items.
Various reasons may trigger How To fix Quickbooks search not working. We have prescribed several troubleshooting solutions for the same.

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Elementary Causes of Quickbooks online search not working:

When the QuickBooks search function is not perfectly performing, it can be because QuickBooks is not running on the latest available version. However, several other reasons can also cause the error-

  • Registry errors in the Windows Operating Systems.
  • Firewall interfering with QuickBooks due to various security concerns.
  • Using old versions of QuickBooks products.
  • Potential damages in the QuickBooks Search Index file.

How to deal with QuickBooks customer search not working?

The search function in QuickBooks can assist you in reducing your time and efforts in managing your day-to-day accounting operations. However, if the search trait stops operating in QuickBooks, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Here are some practical solutions :

Solution 1: Rename your QuickBooks Search Index File

When this error appears, there can be possible damage to the search index file.

  1. Closeout your QuickBooks and click on the Windows Start button.
  2. Type in *.SearchIndex in the visible search box and press the Enter button.
  3. This step will take you to the folder containing a QuickBooks company folder. This section is where you can locate qbw.SearchIndex Folder.
  4. Type in .old at the end of the folder name.
  5. After saving all changes, reopen your QuickBooks Desktop and click on the search icon tab from Windows top-left corner.
  6. Now click on the Update Search Information option.
  7. Click on OK when you see an update in progress.

Check to see if the QuickBooks desktop search not working is resolved. If not, please move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Uninstall & Reinstall QuickBooks

  1. Reinstalling your QuickBooks Desktop using the QuickBooks clean install tool will refresh the application.
  2. This process will also remove any erroneous software behavior.
  3. If QuickBooks pro search not working persists, then move to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 3: Prevent Firewall From Obstructing QuickBooks

  • You can disable any Windows Firewalls in use by reaching the turn-off option available in the control panel.
  • That said, if you have a specific third-party Firewall installed onto your system, then you can review the firewall troubleshooting and error resolutions on its official website.
  • Try out the following troubleshooting method if QuickBooks enterprise search not working continues.

Solution 4: Repair your Damaged Windows Registry

When this error transpires due to a registry flaw in the Windows operating system, then you need to correct the damage. This process will hopefully resolve QuickBooks Search Not Working 2018.

Solution 5: Use Incognito Window

If still, you are unable to use QuickBooks, try utilizing the incognito window. You can use any web browser you desire. Below are the shortcuts mentioned for web browsers to open up the incognito window

  • Browser Name             Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Safari                              Command + Shift +N
  • Mozilla                           Firefox Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Google Chrome          Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Internet Explorer        Ctrl+Shift+P

Solution 6: Clear out your Browser’s Cache

If still, you cannot use QuickBooks, you can further clear your web browser’s cache. The steps to eradicate Search functions not working in QuickBooks are given below for the Google Chrome browser only-

  1. Open up your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now, move to the top right corner and click on the three dots icon.
  3. Select the More tools option from the on-screen list.
  4. Go to More tools and select the Clear browsing data option.
  5. Adjust the period for which you wish to delete the browsing data.
  6. You can choose from basic, advanced-cache, and history as per your demand.
  7. For the Basic cache, choose all the boxes and click on the Clear data option.
  8. To clear all cache and unnecessary history, go to the Advanced tab and checkmark all the boxes.
  9. Now click on Clear data. At this point, your system will take the time equivalent to your data size.
  10. Once the process finishes, your cache gets deleted permanently.

Here are some troubleshooting approaches to help resolve or fix QuickBooks search Function not working easily. In case you confront any difficulty, we suggest you get in touch with our QuickBooks Error Support Team at +1(800) 314-0226 to fix the issue effortlessly.

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