Know the steps to deal with QuickBooks crash catcher error

QuickBooks crash catcher error

After updating their Operating Systems to the latest Mojave version, Mac users have reportedly faced QuickBooks crash catcher error while utilizing their QuickBooks. This error is more evident in older versions of QuickBooks, starting from the 2018 version.

Each time the user attempts to perform any action, they encounter the titled message Crash Catcher- An error has occurred, and QuickBooks must quit. This error message then transcends into a crash log file with a differing error window QuickBooks must quit. These errors are expectedly annoying and if you are struggling to get rid of this error, kindly read the complete article for troubleshooting resolutions.

If you are searching for professional help in eradicating this error, please call +1 (800) 314-0226 immediately to avail resolutions.

What causes QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error?

QuickBooks routinely publishes maintenance updates to repair most issues that arise within the application. The main reasons behind this error are below-listed:

  • Running an outdated version of QuickBooks
  • Involving an unverified company data file
  • Another app on the system restraining the fluid functioning of QuickBooks processes
  • User account incorporates no administrative rights

Terminate this QuickBooks error with easy troubleshooting steps

After analyzing the above issue, given below are some solutions to amend this error:

Solution 1: Restart your computer

There is a possibility that QuickBooks Desktop processes may get stuck. If that is the case, please restart the computer to provision a fresh start for your system.

Solution 2: Make sure your QuickBooks is up to date

To ensure that you have all relevant software improvements and bug fixes, please update to the latest released version of QuickBooks. Using the outdated version of QuickBooks is one of the biggest reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

  • Move to the Help menu and then choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now move to the Update Now tab and check-mark the Reset Update
  • Next, choose the Get Updates option to begin download initiation.
  • Please be patient till your download finishes and then restart QuickBooks.
  • Attend to all on-screen instructions thoroughly to install this version.

Solution 3: Use the Verify and Rebuild Utility

QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utilities work in tandem to recognize and correct company files and network issues.

  • Start the QuickBooks application from the File menu and choose the Utilities
  • Now choose the Verify Data option and patiently wait until the engendering issue is determined.
  • Upon detecting the issue, run the QuickBooks Verify/Rebuild Data Utility.
  • Click on the Utilities section from inside the File menu and then click on Rebuild Data. This step will determine the relevant issues in the company file.
  • Run Verify Data to gauge if you can resolve the issue.

Solution 4: Run your computer in Safe mode

This step is a crucial determiner in comprehending the crux of the issue. It helps in figuring out if there is a conflict between an installed application and your QuickBooks.

  • Shut down the computer.
  • Hold down the Power button and the Shift key until you view your Desktop.
  • Open up your QuickBooks and execute the same task you were trying to achieve before the error emerged.

Note: If you’re unable to replicate the dilemma, this might symbolize a conflict between an installed application and your QuickBooks.

  • Revert to normal mode by restarting your computer without pressing any key.
  • If the problem proceeds to endure in normal mode, you should contact an IT professional.

Solution 5: Add a New Mac user

To ascertain if user permission is the root cause, please create a new user.

  • Please choose the Apple menu and then select System Preferences.
  • Choose the Users & Groups
  • Choose the + button to supplement a new user with Administrator
  • Now sign in with new user credentials.
  • Open up your QuickBooks, then try performing the process causing the error.

Solution 6: Delete .plist files

You will need to delete the existing .plist file to make way for a new one. This step will ensure the file does not get damaged. This step will, however, eradicate all set-up preferences.

Step 1: Delete the User .plist files

  • Go to the Desktop.
  • On the Finder menu, select Go, then press and hold down the Option
  • Choose the Library option, then select the Preferences
  • Locate the .plist files with the QuickBooks and type in version in the name. For Example-
  • Move all the files you have found to the trash bin.
  • Empty the bin.

Step 2: Delete the System .plist files

  1. Open up Finder, then select the Macintosh HD

Note: If you cannot find the Macintosh HD option, you need to go to the Preferences tab to enable it. To do this, choose the Finder option, then select Preferences. Move to the Sidebar tab, then put a tick on Disks.

  • Go to the Library, then select the Preferences
  • Find all .plist files within QuickBooks and your current version in the name. Example –
  • Move all the files you have found to the trash bin.
  • Empty the bin.
  • Restart your system.

Solution 7: Open up QuickBooks with complete Administrative Rights

To add a new user with full administrative rights, please perform the below-listed steps:

  • Click on the Users & Groups icon from the System Preferences
  • Press the Add
  • Create and add a new user with Admin Rights.
  • Now login to your computer using your new credentials.

To conclude, we have provided all troubleshooting methods to fix the QuickBooks crash catcher error. Please contact our QuickBooks Support or dial QuickBooks Error Support Number +1(800) 314-0226 to avail logical resolutions if you continue to face this problem.


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