Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1311 With Troubleshooting Step

QuickBooks Error 1311

QuickBooks Error 1311 is a real-time error that can be a barrier in two conditions- First, when users try to update new maintenance releases, and second when trying to export transactions report from your bank website to an MS Excel worksheet. We can’t point out a single reason for this error because various factors may cause this “QB error 1311“. If you encounter such difficulty on your screen while performing any task, there is nothing to be panic about as you can get rid of this technical bug by going through some troubleshooting methods step by step.

Important: We understand that following the troubleshooting steps might be complex for a typical user, then you can directly connect with our QB expert team at +1(800) 314-0226.

What provokes QuickBooks error 1311 source file not found

Due to some misconfigurations, the error message QuickBooks error 1311 source file not found can come up. The primary triggers of this issue are as follows.

  1. A corrupt installation file may promote the error code 1311 in QuickBooks.
  2. The damaged Microsoft Office program installed in your system is another reason behind it.
  3. QB Desktop app is not supportable with the MS Office version you are using.
  4. In case you’re trying to install QB with CD or the CD-ROM drive might be damaged.

Troubleshooting solutions to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1311

When users try to export their transactions file to an excel sheet, they may come across QuickBooks Error Code 1311. With the below solution, users can get rid of this problem effectively.

Solution 1: Install the QuickBooks app from the Local Storage

  1. Start with inserting the QB installation CD into your CD-ROM
  2. If the QuickBooks installation window automatically opens up on your desktop, click the close icon at the lower right corner.
  3. Create a new folder on your local desktop screen.
  4. Give a name to this folder QuickBooks Installation and then open Windows File Manager.
  5. After that, open up the CD-ROM
  6. Here, you have to select all the data files by pressing Ctrl + A, then press Ctrl + C to copy all these selected files.
  7. Now, go back to the newly created folder available on the desktop.
  8. Do a right-click after opening the folder and click on Paste. (Also, you can press CTRL + V in the new folder)
  9. Once the files are copied to the folder, try to install the software with the files stored in the QuickBooks Installation folder to get rid of this error.
  10. Now check if the error 1311 in QuickBooks desktop is resolved or not yet. If not, then consider the following solutions.

Solution 2: Limit the access of CD-ROM

  1. Firstly, do further clicks: Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Next, you need to click on Administrative Tools.
  3. Choose Local Security Policy and go to the Local Policies
  4. Pick any one security option. It will depend on the Windows version.
  5. Switch the selection and make it Disabled, then do reboot your computer.

Solution 3: Make sure your existing MS Office is compatible with QuickBooks

  1. Open up the Run tool by simultaneously clicking Windows + R
  2. In the box, type Control Panel.
  3. Hit OK and move to the Add or Remove Programs
  4. Now, click twice on Microsoft Office and then choose Repair to fix the installation errors.
  5. If you’re using an old Office version, go to Microsoft’s official website and download the latest one.

Solution 4: Do Scanning and Installation

  1. Click on the Start icon and proceed to All Programs.
  2. Find the Command program and right-click on it, then opt for Run As Administrator.
  3. On the Command Prompt page, the user will have to type SFC/SCANNOW and tap Enter. (It’s not case-sensitive, you can type in lower case as well)
  4. Let the scan complete, then type msiexec /unreg on the same Command Prompt page and again hit the Enter button.
  5. After that, type msiexec /regserver and press Enter once again.
  6. At the end of the process, move with Creative Suite product installation.

Using these troubleshooting solutions discussed above can easily QuickBooks Error 1311. In some situations, you might be facing the same error after applying the described methods, then speak to QuickBooks Error Support experts and ask for help to resolve the error shortly. Our skilled technical authorities are easily reachable at +1(800) 314-0226.


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