QuickBooks Data Recovery

QuickBooks is a business accounting software helping small and medium-sized businesses to manage their financial tasks. QuickBooks proffers on-premises accounting and cloud-based accounting as well. Thus executing business payments, maintaining and paying bills, and payroll purposes easier. We offer the best in class Quickbooks Data Recovery service possible. Our team has years of technical expertise to recover all kinds of data. So let’s know more about QB data recovery services.


Types of Data Damage

  • List Damage – lists damage may cause losing different kinds of list damages like the chart of accounts, items, clients, vendors, and employees list, etc.
  • Transaction Damage – loss of one or more transactions.
  • Link Damage – loss of links between transactions. Usually, this loss becomes more difficult to recover.
  • Structural Damage – loss of one table or more tables or the header of the table.

Causes of Data Damages


Weak System Performance

QuickBooks is a heavy application and when multiple users works on a company file the size of the company file also increases. PC’s with low specs are completely unable of handling a huge amount of data and that causes damage to data files.


Internet Failure

Using QuickBooks in Multi-User mode may break the connectivity among Servers and Workstations cause the corruption of data packets.


Sudden Power Failure

Due to power failure, if the system shut down improperly may cause Windows to crash that damages the data file.


System Faults

System infections like a virus, malware, or spyware also become a notable reason for QuickBooks data corruption.


Damage in Disk

Usually, outdated or old hard-drives fail due to bad divisions already in them, and this may the reason for data corruption even permanent data loss. If this kind of data damage happens in the disk, it almost will be not be recovered.

Various file extensions that QuickBooks Uses:

The below-mentioned file types QuickBooks uses during its working.

  • QBW – The main Quickbooks data file
  • QBM – A mobile form of the data file
  • AIF – This file creates during import projects
  • ND – Network data file
  • QBB – Quickbooks backup or alternate file

How to Recover Lost Data of QuickBooks

There are different methods to recover different kinds of data that we have mentioned above. Here’s the method to recover lost data with QB manual data recovery.

  1. Start with creating a new folder on your Desktop with the name QBTest.
  2. Go to the folder where QuickBooks’ company file is stored.
  3. Note: You can check the company file position on the Product Information window (hit F2 or Ctrl+1 on your keyboard) and click on No Company Window Opens.
  4. Search for the .tlg file in your company file’s folder. You will see it has the same name that your company file has.
  5. Now Show file extensions.
  6. Cannot identify the .tlg file, execute these to display file extensions.
    1. To start File Explorer, press Windows+E together on your keyboard.
  7. Here you need to select Organize, then click on Folder and search options.
    1. Choose View, then select File Name extension for Windows 10, 8.1 & 8.
    2. Now choose Hide extensions for known file types.
    3. Then, click on Apply and then OK.
  8. Copy the identical .tlg file of your company file, and paste it to the QBTest folder you created on your Desktop.
  9. Afterward, open the QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery folder. It will be in the same place as your company file.
  10. Now copy the .QBW.adr file and paste it again into the same QBTest folder. Now you should have a .tlg and .QBW.adr file on your QBTest folder.
  11. Right-click the .QBW.adr file in the QBTest folder and select Rename.
  12. Remove .adr at the end of the file.
  13. Now open the QuickBooks application.
  14. Open the company file that is stored on your QBTest folder. Register using your account to review all transactions are there.
  15. Follow the sequence File >> Utilities >> Verify Data.
  16. If this copy of your company file is proper, you can move the corrupted company file to another location and transfer the copied file from QBTest to the original place.


In this way, you can easily recover your company file. If you feel your data corruption is more complex and need a QuickBooks expert, you can freely call us at our QuickBooks Customer Service Number +1(800) 314-0226 and get your data recovered.

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